Launched in November 2004, Bachkhoa Information Technology Academy (BKACAD) is the official program of the Hanoi University of Science and Technology and Global IT Corporations such as Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Sun Oracle, Prometric, VUE ... in the field of training, research and implementation of information technology and communications.

Some of the milestones of the Academy:

- Launched in November 2004, with the complete investment in modern equipment and a team of experienced technicians, BKACAD evaluated the
reputed academy in the Cisco System networking Academy in Asia Pacific.

- August: BKACAD became Regional Cisco Academy. Cisco Systems was offically admided Bach Khoa Information Technology Academy (BKACAD) belonging to Hanoi University of Technology was the first Regional Cisco Academy in Vietnam, to be reponsible for IT essesstial training meterials sponsored by HP. With this event, once again Bach Khoa Information Technology Academy was confirmed to be one of Retigious Regional Cisco Academies in the world.
- December: BKACAD became VUE international testing center. Bach Khoa Information Technology Academy (BKACAD) signed to co-operate with VUE – the leading non-profit education organization in USA in order to make easy conditions for Viet Nam students in testing and getting Certifications

- April: BKACAD launched international experiment department “Networking technology researching and developing experiment department”  belongs to Reseach program of Cisco Systems was deployed in Bkacad. With the supporting about mordern faclicitate costing hundreds thousand dolars, experiment department was able to implement researching in multi-area, and was also be able to train Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE).

- January: Academy Academy become authorized by Microsoft, is responsible for implementing the courses related to Microsoft's certification system.
- October: Cisco Systems Academy were awarded second prize: Cisco Networking Academy CCNA excellent training in Vietnam, Cisco Networking Academy training for best ITE Vietnam.
- December: Signed cooperation with VUE and Prometric - the leading test center - in order to create favorable conditions for the participants in the certification exams and international certificates


- November: Academy Award Best Skills Competition Network Vietnam (Vietnam Skills Competition) organized by Cisco Systems

- February: Academy Academy program implementation started SUN (SAI) and became the official partner of the training and research of Sun Microsystems.

- October: first prize contests skill Vietnam by Cisco Systems networking organization, ranked No. 4 in the contest Cisco NetRiders Asia - Pacific.

- July: first successful CCIE training in Vietnam.
- October: Vietnam won the first prize in 2010 Netriders Skill


- March: Best
Networking Academy of Cisco Systems Awards in Asia Pacific (APAC)
- May: Winner of first prize Vietnam NetRiders 2011

- October: first prize contests Vietnam networking skills held by Cisco Systems. (6)

BKACAD strives to contribute an important part in the supply of high level manpower for the nascent IT industry of the country, and the bridge of solutions and technology transfer between major IT corporations IT market in the world with Vietnam.

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