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Prometric Test Center

I. About VUE Test Center:

In December 2007, Bach Khoa Information Technology Academy (BKACAD) signed to co-operate with Thomson Prometric – the leading non-profit education organization in USA in order to make easy conditions for Viet Nam students in testing and getting Certifications. 

Prometric is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Educational Testing Service (ETS) and a trusted provider of technology-enabled testing and assessment solutions. Our more than 20 years of experience providing the right test development and test delivery solutions to the world’s most recognized organizations has enabled millions of people around the world to advance in their careers, earn more money or better themselves professionally.  More information: http://www.register.prometric.com/Index.asp

II. Registration Procedures:

Must bring the following information:

+ Voucher number
+ Order end date

Get the Registration Form MCSA ... from center and fill in the form

III. Place and time registration and take the exam:

Registration from Monday to Friday. Can register 1 day before the test (excluding weekends)

Exam from Monday to Friday.

Shift 1: Start from 09:00
Shift 2: Starting from 14:00

Place: 1st Floor, A17 Building, 17 Ta Quang Buu, Hai Ba Trung District

IV. Contact Information:

Bachkhoa Information Technology Academy (BKACAD)

1st Floor, A17 Building, 17 Ta Quang Buu, Hai Ba Trung District

Tel: 043 868 4321 ext 622 - email: huyendt@bkacad.com